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Expertise - Biometrics


An indispensable part of clinical research is biometrics. In this area, we place highest value on objectivity and validity in order to guarantee the best possible study conditions. Our Biometrics department offers statistical advice covering the entire study process including the evaluation of the results as well as the entire range of applicable study designs in clinical research. For our statistical evaluation and analysis we use SAS and NQuery Advisor as software which are accepted in clinical research as validated programs.   We conduct the following tasks:

  • Planning of case numbers
  • Selection of methods for statistical evaluation
  • Generation of random codes
  • Support by the control of data discrepancies
  • Creation of a statistical evaluation plan
  • Programing and quality control of evaluation datasets, tables, listings, and graphics
  • Performing statistical interim and final evaluation
  • Presentation and interpretation of results

Review of clinical reports and support with publications